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"ITALIAN ISVEA" Mark in Germany

ISVEA, the leader brand of Italy in vitrified ceramics and bathroom products, has left its mark at the ISH Frankfurt, one of the important fairs of the sector, by its awarded designs and innovative, modern approach.     

The Italian leader brand of ISVEA in vitrified ceramics and bathroom products by its past of 53 years has made its debut in Germany by its unique designs, each more stylish than the other. In addition to the new Flamma that will place its mark on 2015, the Sott'aqua Marino, Sott'aqua Soffice, Viva, Eleganza, Sentimenti, Soluzione, Sistema , Valente, ColorIsvea, Isvearte, metallic pedestal leg washbasins and metallic bowl washbasins, and the perfect toilet bowl were the other products exhibited at the fair.

A Bathroom like a Work of Art

The flame of the art of ceramics, which has existed with fire for years, found life with ISVEA's new series Flamma Iconic Washbasin. The Flamma, designed by Yatasarım Ömer Faruk Yakupoğlu among successful Design studios, differentiates bathrooms gives the sensation of watching the dance of flame waves in bathrooms, and at the same time ensuring maximum functionality by the simple bowl with a wide, smooth surface and ease of use. ISVEA, getting full marks from its consumers by its design focused products in the vitrified ceramics sector for half a century, introduces an almost sculpturesque work of art to the bathrooms with this new product. With the Flamma Iconic Washbasin, bathrooms transform into an artistic venue by the visuality of this modern, organic and sculpturesque form.

And the Perfect Toilet Bowl...

By ISVEA's cleaRim WC technology, the channel that allows the growth of microorganisms that are hazardous for health and the accumulation of dirt in the standard toilet bowls is eliminated. Meanwhile, the SmartPlus technology carries personal comfort to the ultimate point. Through the combination of these two properties, the bathrooms meet with the “Perfect Toilet Bowl”. This toilet bowl is so perfect that it regulates the temperature and the direction of the water, absorbs unpleasant odors promptly, cleans itself and moreover gives a massage. The Perfect Toilet Bowl, combining technology with comfort and hygiene, is included among energy friendly green products, allowing savings by its low energy consumption and use of less water and detergent.


"With Isvea, We will be One of the Three Biggest Players of the Sector"

N. Bülent Onur, the CEO of the brand that has virtually made a landing at the ISH Frankfurt fair with all senior level executives, said; “In many prestigious projects in the world, there is the ISVEA signature. ISVEA, a characteristic Italian producer included in the top 10 of the market in Italy, the leading country in the field of vitrified ceramics, attracts great attention in the world market by its designs. Italy has a style that has proven itself in design, details and stylishness and we are working meticulously in order to merge this style with the most perfect products. Moreover, we plan to export approximately 60 percent of the ISVEA branded products. ISVEA currently exports to more than 40 countries and we plan to increase this figure to 50. Therefore, the ISH Fair is important for us. We are aiming to return from here with nice agreements. While we desire to be one of the most important 3 players in the market in Turkey, we are also assertive in our World goal. We will achieve our 50 countries 50 stores goal."