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By adapting to every style with its perfected design, Coral gives an aesthetic appearance to the bathrooms.

Coral L Type Basin Mixer-chrome Coral L Type Basin Mixer-chrome (w/popup waste) Coral L Type Basin Mixer-gold Coral L Type Basin Mixer-gold (w/popup waste) Coral Basin Mixer-chrome Coral Basin Mixer-chrome-(w/popup waste) Coral Basin Mixer-gold Coral Basin Mixer-gold-(w/popup waste) Coral Basin Mixer-chrome-white Coral Basin Mixer-chrome-white-(w/popup waste) Coral Basin Mixer-gold-black Coral Basin Mixer-gold-black-(w/popup waste) Coral Tall Basin Mixer-chrome Coral Tall Basin Mixer-chrome-(w/popup waste) Coral Tall Basin Mixer-gold Coral Tall Basin Mixer-gold-(w/popup waste) Coral Tall Basin Mixer-chrome-white Coral Tall Basin Mixer-chrome/white-(w/popup waste) Coral Tall Basin Mixer-gold-black Coral Tall Basin Mixer-gold-black-(w/popup waste) Coral Built in Basin Mixer-chrome Coral Built in Basin Mixer-gold Coral Built in Basin Mixer-chrome-white Coral Built in Basin Mixer-gold-black Coral Bath Mixer-chrome Coral Bath Mixer-gold Coral Bath Mixer-chrome-white Coral Bath Mixer-gold-black Coral Kitchen Mixer-chrome Coral Kitchen Mixer-gold Coral Kitchen Mixer-chrome-white Coral Kitchen Mixer-gold-black Coral Built in Bath Mixer-chrome Coral Built in Bath Mixer-gold Coral Built in Bath Mixer-chrome-white Coral Built in Bath Mixer-gold-black Coral Built in Bath Mixer Spout - chrome Coral Built in Bath Mixer Spout with diverter - chrome Coral Built in Shower Mixer-chrome Coral Built in Shower Mixer-gold Coral Built in Shower Mixer-chrome-white Coral Built in Shower Mixer-gold-black