Designs that create difference,
from 1962 to the present...

ISVEA was founded by the Angelucci family as the 7th factory of Italy, near Sant'Eusanio Del Sangro  which is 200 km away from Rome. It had been carrying out activities as a characteristic Italian manufacturer in Italy, which is the leading country in the field of sanitary ware in the world and it had been ranked among the first 10 manufacturers in the market as a wide-spread brand especially in the Southern Italy. ISVEA which was bought by ECE Holding and introduced to the Turkish bathroom equipment market in 2013, aims to present the Italian design culture, quality and functionality approach to the customers.

The ISVEA products, born in Italy, which is the first country that reminds people fashion and design, bear the signatures of  Ettore Giordano, Nativita Design House, Simone Valsecc­hi, OMC2 Design Studios, Sabrina Selli, Emanuele Pangrazi, art.lab and Genesis Design Studio which are ranked among the most successful designers and design studios of the country. In addition to Italian designs, there are also designs of young Turkish designers such as Sevil Acar and Ömer Faruk Yakupoğlu in the product portfolio of ISVEA.

ISVEA aims to be the primarily preferred bathroom brand in Turkey as well via its philosophy to offer a distinguished bathroom experience and to establish emotional bonds with its customers by adopting it as a principle.

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