Designs that create difference,
from 1962 to the present...

The brand, which has successfully passed through many stages, and symbolized by the Phoenix, telling us that what we are searching for at far away distances is actually very close, inside us, and representing rejuvenation, aiming to offer a completely different bathroom experience: ISVEA

      The Italian ISVEA has been founded in 1962, in the surroundings of Sant'Eusanio Del Sangro  at a distance
of 200 km to Rome. It has started production as the 7th vitrified ceramic company of Italy, which is the world
leader in the field of ceramics, and has continued its activities as a typical Italian producer.
As a brand, especially widespread in Southern Italy, it has found a place among the top 10 producers in the market.

The Italian ISVEA brand has been acquired at the beginning of 2013. The Italian ISVEA, following this acquisition, is advancing its strength even further by its designers, production capacity and awards. Meeting the consumer expectations fully by the experience and know-how of 52 years; ISVEA, by its broad product range that is qualified, innovative, functional, stylish and integrating with the general lines of the home, transforms unique bathroom venues aimed for the requirements into living spaces.

The ISVEA products, born in Italy, which is the first country that comes to the minds in fashion and design, bear the signatures of names such as Nativita Design House, OMC, Simone Valsecc­hi, Ettore Giordano and Genesis Design Studio, Emanuele Pangrazi, Sabrina Selli, Yatasarım which are included among the most successful designers and design studios of the country. The production force and technology of the Italian Isvea combined with its innovation perspective, creates a broad product range by designs that surpass expectations.

The Italian ISVEA, with its philosophy that assumes allowing a completely different bathroom experience and establishing an emotional bond with the consumers as its principle, aims to become a bathroom brand that is preferred with priority.

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