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Isvea, one of the leading bathroom brands in Italy since 1962 by its designs and functional approaches, is in Turkey now. Aiming to offer new alternatives in bathroom products to the Turkish consumer and merge the Italian taste of design with the Turkish market, Isvea took its place at the 26th International Ceramics Bathroom and Kitchen Expositions Unicera, held during February 26-March 2, 2014, by its stand of 300 m2. In the products, which made their first debut in Turkey, design, technology, trends and savings emerged to the forefront.


The Isvea products, composed on ceramic bathroom products, bathroom furniture and fittings; are designed by the most renowned design offices of Italy, namely the Nativita Design House, OMC Design Studios and Meneghello Paolelli Associati, and by the famous designers Simone Valsecchi and Ettore Giordano.


Adopting an environment friendly approach in the production activities, Isvea reserved a special place at its stand at the UNICERA for technological products. Products such as the BPlus suspended toilet bowls with the CleaRim feature, offering ease of cleaning and a hygienic environment by achieving a smooth surface through the removal of the channel causing bacteria formation on the inside surfaces of the toilet bowl, the SterilPlus surface technology that prevents bacteria formation by providing extra protection and resistivity for ceramic surfaces, the AquaPlus allowing 60% more water savings as compared to the old generation toiler bowls, the smart toilet bowl smartPlus allowing both a hygienic and a comfortable personal cleaning environment by offering many technological features all together, and the e-Motion system that allows the adjustment of the toilet bowl and the bathroom cabinet according to the requirements of the user, attracted a lot of attention at the Unicera expositions.


Meanwhile the washbasins produced with the decorPlus technology, resistant to cleaning agents and sunlight, are obtained by applying the pattern under the glaze, and then baking at high temperature. The decorPlus washbasins, guaranteeing to maintain their first day’s outlook for years for customers who want to have decorated products in their bathrooms, were received by deep admiration of the customers both through their aesthetics and superior resistance.


Isvea has 13 collections in the vitrified ceramic products category.


The Palazzio synthesizing the traditional and modern lines and carrying the breezes of the 60’s to the present; the Sott'Aqua with modern lines, holding functionality in the forefront; the Viva bringing quality and aesthetics together with its rounded lines, curved design; the Eleganza with the modern interpretation of the classic; the Valente with simple lines and the Sentimenti with soft, modern lines have been the outstanding collections of the stand during the exposition.


The Sistema X designed to inspire bathroom furniture designs, the importance of which are significantly increasing in bathroom areas, by its fine, stylish line and rich size varieties, the Sistema Y with counter-top and bowl washbasins in geometric forms, the Sistema Z by its washbasins with racks, and the Soluzione series composed of toilet bowls and bidets that have an independent design language, have also demonstrated the assertion of the Isvea brand to offer different alternatives in bathroom spaces.