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Sevil Acar, who in an industrial designer continuing her works in İstanbul, has prepared designs for many different products, starting from her education.

She has won the second prize in the sculpture category in the Post-It design contest held by 3M in 2007, and the Bürotime Special Award for her office furniture design at the furniture design contest organized by the Central Anatolian Exporters’ Association in 2008. At the IF Concept Design Awards held in Hannover, Germany in 2009, she has entered into the top 100 among 4500 projects with her “Design for Elderly” project. And in 2014, with the “Sott'Aqua Marino”, "Eleganza" and "Valente" bathroom cabinets she has designed, she has been found worthy of 3 awards at once at the A Design Award.

Since 2013, at the Sevil Acar Design company she has established, she continues to develop product designs with various companies in the fields of glass, porcelain, rugs-carpets and furniture.


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