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With its inspiring designs and qualified products since 1962, ISVEA offers the Italian design langugage and understanding of function together in its sanitaryware and bathroom furniture collections.

ISVEA products born in Italy, which is the first country that comes to mind when talking about fashion and design, bears the signatures of successful designers and design studios of the country such as WAU Architetti, Nativita Design House, OMC2 Design Studios, Simone Valsecchi, Ettore Giordano and Sabrina Selli.

All ISVEA branded products are manufactured under the supervision of the ISVEA Design Hub, which is under the umbrella of the R&D and Quality Control Departments, in accordance with international quality standards.

The core element of the brand’s design philosophy is to transform bathrooms into inspiring living spaces.

Isvea Hakkında
60 Yıl

Italian Gusto
For 60 Years

These ancient lands, nourished by the generosity of the Mediterranean and enriching its inhabitants with the richness of its nature, constitute the heart of human journey to the better and the beautiful since antiquity.

This geography, where the good and the beautiful were bequeathed with the fire of the Renaissance, is the source of our search for the aesthetic in everything we own today.

It has brought the world the people who seek refinement on the fertile lands of the Italian peninsula with the fascinating Italian cuisine blended with the generosity of the Mediterranean. The quest to spread aesthetics to the whole of life has led to the transformation of an architectural understanding that has embraced human beings since time immemorial into an Italian architectural understanding that responds to the functional and aesthetic needs of modern man. The cultural values that these lands have accumulated almost throughout human history have shaped the way modern people dress and the appearance of the objects they need. The practice of reflecting on the human with the Renaissance is the source of today’s practice of aestheticizing human values and needs.

This land where ISVEA was born, grew up and spread around the world is the source of a refined taste, i.e. the Italian gusto. We have been developing and sharing what this gusto has given us with the world for 60 years. With each passing day, we want to share an inspiring world for people by creating unique, bold and stunning products that are more and more captivated by this refined taste.

This is our 60th year in this land where the heart of good and beauty beats.

ISVEA carries out its activities as an Italian manufacturer in Italy, the leading country in the world in the field of vitrified ceramics. It has a significant market share, especially with its original designs. It joined Ece Holding in 2013 with its dealers in Italy.

ISVEA has adopted an original design approach in its products since the day it was established and has built this understanding upon the values of the ‘unique, bold and refined’ concepts. Reinterpreting the bathroom world with this unique design approach, it adds an aesthetic value to the bathroom culture. With this original design understanding, it reinterprets the world of bathrooms and adds aesthetic value to the bathroom culture. Its bold design, reflecting the characteristic Italian spirit and representing refined tastes, is also in unique harmony with modern concepts.

Inspired ISVEA collections, where industrial design is combined with high-quality craftsmanship, are created in collaboration with successful designers and design studios around the globe.

ISVEA has been bringing together those with superior tastes inspired by the fine details of life with Italian gusto in the bathrooms for 60 years.

The Big World

Italian Gusto in More than
60 Countries

ISVEA has become the world leader among 7 vitrified ceramic companies in Italy. Operating in many markets around the world, it continues to grow in important new markets.

The unique Italian design ISVEA, presenting innovative and ergonomic aesthetic requirements together, carefully conveys the culture of craftsmanship interior design and its unique products to many points. It offers a personalized experience to its users with different collections developed by addressing different needs specific to each bathroom.

ISVEA meticulously exhibits the Italian culture in every country, exports to more than 60 countries and makes its name known from generation to generation by increasing its market share day by day.

ISVEA leaves aesthetic and innovative works to its users with its wide range of products that appeal to every style by offering different solutions for different needs. ISVEA shows its difference in bathroom furniture with its designs, technology and quality. Offering different solutions even for urban lives, ISVEA makes it indispensable for everyone.

The Big World Of Isvea