RINATO Modern Interpretation of Retro

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  • 04 November 2022
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Modern Interpretation of Retro

RINATO, the new bathroom furniture from ISVEA’s premium design series, bearing the signature of Designo, blends retro lines with a modern design approach.

When designing Rinato, the ISVEA design team aimed to bring a modern interpretation to the traditional woodworking technique of fluted panels.

In RINATO, which creates a functional countertop space thanks to the 120cm wide washbasin module with a solid wood countertop, the sharp & slim Infinity series with 5mm thin edge, bearing the signature of ISVEA’s Italian design partner WAU Architetti, was used as a washbasin. With two deep drawers, one with a self-divider, a hidden drawer with a glass divider, a led illuminated mirror cabinet,
a side cabinet and a tall cabinet with a large storage volume, there is a place for everything needed in the bathroom in RINATO!

Combining cream and pastel green, which is the most “hype” tones of the retro, and matte lacquered body with attractive shiny gold handles, Rinato shares a stylish and timeless experience with its user.